Sentinels360 is a group of friends that hear and speak edification, comfort and exhortation to the Body of Christ. We are inter-denominational and have members from many different streams across the body of Christ in Cape Town.


The Recording Room Prophetic Circle existed from 2014 to 2021, providing a prophetic safe space for prophetic ministers from all over Cape Town and across denominational divisions. It was formed by a group of peers to weigh words, share insights and help one another better serve Christ in the prophetic ministry to the church in Cape Town by also nationally and internationally. It operated as a sort of guild for prophets and prophetesses. The full history and the collaborative content we co-authored is still available for download on:

Ministry Ethics, Protocols & Etiquette

There are three groupings of ethics and in descending order of most serious to least we have ethics (commandment), then protocols (very important) and etiquette which is adhering to local customs in the local settings.

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In depth discussion of the role of the church and state with Judy Scott, Craig Bailie and Andre Baard - 30 October 2023